Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog treats your dog may like.

Dogs seem to be fussy about some treats. You probably already know dogs are not attracted to the neat and tidy treats we would prefer they enjoy.

Some of our favorite clean dog treats over the years has been various edible Nylabones. These offer something for the dog to chew, and keeps their teeth clean and healthy. You will find these marketed under different names. Note there are some that are plastic, and these should be avoided. You don't eat plastic, why would your dog? We also have used typical dog biscuits you can purchase in most stores. However, the dog biscuits are not long lasting. In two seconds the dog is looking for another treat!

Dogs we have in the home now really like the sweet potato and chicken treats you can purchase in Dollar General and Family Dollar. These treats last just a bit longer than dog biscuits, but seem to satisfy the dogs longer.

Dog treats we have not found to be a good idea include some rawhide bones. First, we have no idea what exactly is in some of these products. Dog treats made outside of the United States are something we always avoid. Most knotted bones look cute, but the dogs often swallow pieces that are too large, and then have to vomit. What fun is this for the dog, or for you?

Smaller dogs may have more sensitive stomachs, and therefore treats should be limited. Some pet owners use bits of carrots or other vegetables that are safe for dogs. Before doing this, inform yourself about what dogs can and can't have. Some foods that are fine for people are not so fine for Fido.

Dog treats we avoid are the ones that are messy, and require a grooming session after eating. Also, just because a dog treat is sold does not mean it is a wise choice. Why would I buy pig snouts or pigs ears for a pet I am supposed to care about? This is a personal choice, but think before you buy. Your dog's health is at risk if you use something they should not be swallowing. And, be sure you pet insurance is paid up it you are giving a dog treats it should not have.

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  1. Nice blog post!

    I never knew that some dog treats could make dog teeth healthier. Also, why would stores try to sell plastic dog treats? Wouldn't plastic be harmful to your dog?

    Overall, great post. Can't wait to read more!