Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Spaying or neutering your pet may seem like something that is a personal choice. When it comes to this type of pet care, you have the right to decide if your pet should reproduce! Or, do you?

Spaying or neutering may be more of a responsibility than an option or personal choice. Why? Who decided dogs should be 'fixed'-and why are they forcing their opinion on us?

Let us give a thought to how many unwanted pets are born each year. Some feel they will allow their dog to reproduce just once. How could that be so bad? These pets would be just replacing themselves, right? NO! Typically a litter is larger than the two dogs that created it. Some dogs have litters as large as 12 or more. Thinking from a financial point-even if you have pet insurance, this has got to be unreasonably expensive.

Marguerite Mebane of the Cleveland County Humane Society (North Carolina) stated some people use their local shelter for population control. Once the litter arrives, if the dogs or cats are not place, they are taken to the shelter. Not all dogs or cats can be placed. Some may be put to death because there are just too many, some are sick, or some are not kid friendly.

Spaying or neutering a pet becomes a health issue in many instances. Dogs and cats were not meant to reproduce year after year. This would take a toll on any living creature. If a cat or dog is to be a valuable pet, spay or neuter early. Speak to your veterinarian or pet's groomer about places where you can find vouchers or discounts to have your pet neutered or spayed.

Take the approach of limiting reproduction where you can. No, you can't help everyone learn, and you can't save every unwanted pet. You can control what is happening in your own household, so start there. Then, speak with family members and friends who have pets, and encourage them to do the same.

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