Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reigning Cats and Dogs.

Do you have a dog or cat that thinks it owns the block? Many of us do. What would happen if your king of the castle (or queen) had someone new enter their space?

I have noticed that cats will usually make their presence known, than hide until the offender leaves. What if the offender never leaves? That's another story, isn't it?

Maybe you read our blog post about introducing a second pet to your home. Or, you may have personal experience with this. What did you do to get your pets to share their space without attacking the new dog or cat that is in their home territory?

Humans entering the domain are a separate issue. Humans can give the ruling noble treats if they want to. Humans can also rub a tummy, or give a good brushing if the timing is right. Does this mean the pet will allow a human to be in the home without so much fuss?

What I have noticed is most pets seem to think everything is about them. This new human must have arrived just to entertain the pet! That's it-the master got this human for them! What a great toy.

Maybe not, Fido.

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