Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dog toys that make sense.

Dog toys may keep your best friend busy for hours. Usually dog toys are not only fun for your pet, they can encourage some exercise your dog may not otherwise get.

Which dog toys are worth your hard earned cash? And, which dog toys are safe for your pet? These are questions we need to ask when making any purchase for our furry friend.

When looking for dog toys, check what the product is made of: Is it plastic? Are there pieces that the pet will easily chew and remove? Are there parts that will deteriorate easily? Toys meant for smaller dogs should not be given to your large dog. Some large dogs will be able to destroy, and therefore begin to swallow, some of the toys meant for small dogs. And, although we all want to think our dogs are brilliant, some really don't haven't a clue when it comes to what is food, and what isn't!

Dog toys sold in stores that cater to pet needs sometimes have employees that may suggest one item over another. Don't let this prompt you to buy something. Think about how your pet usually acts with items already in it's space. Do you picture Fido ignoring what you are thinking of purchasing, or will your dog get some use out of the squeak toy, ball, etc. And, if the toy you are looking at makes noise, does this mean there are bells, or small pieces on the inside that the dog can get to, and swallow? This thought is such a nightmare! Be sure your pet insurance is paid, just in case.

A Frisbee makes a great dog toy if you enjoy games of toss with your dog. If you or your dog feel such a game is too much like work, or a total snooze, skip it. The same goes with balls that are made for dogs. If a dog doesn't love playing ball, move along.

When all is said and done, is the dog toy really for you, or for your dog? Do you have a family room strewn with toys the dog does not pay attention to now?

You may think you can find a great chew toy, and therefore skip giving dog treats that will add to your pet's middle. What about the hard rubber inexpensive toys that are featured at discount stores? We have found some develop an odor after a day or two or the dog chewing, and have to groom the dog sooner than usual. This does not mean paying more for dog toy will make it better, but be aware of what you are getting for your money.

Dog toys that are tried and true may be the ones we remember our childhood pet having: A large piece of rope tied in knots; Large 'bones' that are not made of animal product, and seem to last for months; My personal favorite-cotton cat toys. The dogs sometimes just enjoy having something that is easy to destroy!

Dog and photo property of T. Anthony.

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