Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pet supplies for less online?

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Can we really save money buying pet supplies online? Many feel dog and cat supplies are too expensive to purchase anywhere other than online.Others argue that grooming tools and pet food are cheaper in discount stores. Where do you shop?

We won't list sites because there are advertisers who may take offense-but we will say this: Initially you may be able to save some money. Some sites offer a discount on first time purchases. Eventually you may feel other than the specials a site offers there are no deals to be had.

Stores that exist to supply you with what your dog or cat needs to remain pest free want your business.They also cater to your pet food wants, have great pet toys, pet crates and most anything you can think of. You may be able to get a price match if you bring in an ad you find online. Such stores usually have coupons on their site as well.

One we like (Pet Supermarket) includes a $5.00 coupon every month with their online newsletter. This can be used only if you spend $20.00. If you have more than one pet it would be easy to spend this amount at least every other month. This chain also tracks your purchases and gives you a free bag of pet food once you have bought 13. Seems like no big deal to some-but here is our break down:

After 13 months: I rec'd coupon for one bag  of dog food:  $10.67
Used 7 coupons worth $5.00 each:                                     35.00

A total savings on something we would purchase
even if we did not have the coupons:                                   45.67

So the savings of $45.67 in 13 months may not seem like much but it is about equal to a tank of gas! Do that with everything you buy (food, car insurance) on a yearly basis and we are talking about a decent savings.

This does not mean pet supplies are offered for a better price in one particular store. You really have to check sales ads and know who to ask. We have found some items discounted that were not worth having. Wherever you choose to shop you want quality for your money. Your pets are worth it!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Exercise For Small Dogs

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 This dog was photographed in the USA
and lives with three active children
so she gets plenty of exercise.


 Do small hyperactive dogs need exercise? Maybe not if they always seem to be running around. However, as some dogs get older they tend to veg. Unfortunately for the dogs, if their owner is also vegging, the dog could get to an unhealthy weight.

Here are two ideas you may find helpful: Keep your dog active by going for a brisk walk twice each day. Take a few minutes every evening to toss a ball if your dog is willing to chase it.

Be sure you are not giving your dog too much to eat. If you are not sure, check with your veterinarian. While a dog always needs plenty of fresh water it does not need food 24 hours a day.

A way to increase the activity level of a pet is to add a second furry friend to the home. Not an option? Then it's all up to you! Walk twice a day and play ball. That's fairly simple, isn't it?

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tick Season!

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Most people don't know that tick season can be at different times of the year depending where you live. Because some of us travel to several areas on a regular basis dragging our beloved pets with us, it is important to protect the pets from ticks. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea to use a preventive on cats and dogs as they are concerned about the side-effects and what will happen years from now because you protected you pet.

Ask your veterinarian about the products on the market now if you are not sure. Some pet insurance may help pay for these items. One vet in a state I spend a lot of time in promotes one product, while a vet in another area sells something else. Everyone has to choose what will work for them. If you are in an area such as Dixie County in Florida where there is a lot of tall grass, and it seems it is always hunting season, you will be able to find some kind of tick year round.

Colder climates seem to be spared at times. The woods of North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Europe, etc. will have ticks on a regular basis. If you live in the woods and have pets, protect them! Grooming on a regular basis is important. We have had to remove ticks when we least expected a dog had one. In addition to professional grooming pets need to be brushed daily. If you don't think it is important for your pet, think about yourself. If you dog or cat has ticks (or fleas) you will too!

If you have a pet you think has been bitten by a tick, and the pet seems ill, get it to the veterinarian. What would you look for? I could list a host of things, but to keep it simple-if a pet suddenly seems tired, doesn't eat, isn't urinating, or doesn't play with a favorite toy, you should suspect something is wrong. Pets can't tell you what they feel, but don't wait more than a day if something does not seem right. I don't like paying vet bills either (another reason to have pet insurance?) but I am not the expert when it comes to such things, so I do go when it is this important.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Choosing a Groomer

 Everyone has an opinion on how to choose a groomer, and this is mine.

Preferring to do as much grooming as we can ourselves, we do not frequent the local groomers. When we do want to skip all that is involved with keeping a dog neat and tidy, we want the best at a good price.

Checking your local phone book may seem a likely place to start. After noticing 200 or more listings, you may change your mind. However, the phone book also offers coupon. Check for these, and see if this helps you decide on a groomer in the area.

As the veterinarian you usually use which groomer you might use. Sometimes the office staff may have a preference. In some areas you may find a groomer working in the vet's office. This does not mean you are getting the best groomer.

Check you pet's insurance. If you have pet insurance that covers this be sure you use a vet that complies with the insurance. Will you get the correct receipt or paperwork you need for your insurance to pay.

Speak to employees of pet stores, and pet supply stores. Everyone has an opinion, but you may find the best choice through such a referral.

If you are in an area that has a groomer training school you may get a great deal. Remember, if someone makes a mistake on your dog's hair style, it will grow back. And most of us have paid plenty in the past and gotten exactly what we did not ask for, so it might not be a new experience for you.

Dogs and Eggs.

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There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to dogs and eggs. Eggs are considered one of  the best forms of protein we can get. At one point we fed raw eggs to working dogs, and thought it was a great idea.

Dogs as pets may be a different story when it comes to eggs. If eggs are cooked and added to food, they are okay on a limited basis. So, don't cook scrambled eggs for the dog every day when you are making your own breakfast.

So, yes-dogs can eat eggs, but eggs should be offered on a limited basis, and must be cooked. Perhaps you can add some bits of cooked eggs to the dog food you buy.

However, a question comes to mind about eggs for dogs: Why would you want to give the dogs eggs if you are giving a proper dog food? Too much protein can cause a problem. Eggs on a daily basis would really put your dog out of balance as far as the protein issue goes. That extra protein can be harmful to the kidneys if consumed regularly. I would think if you decided to add some left over cooked eggs to the dog food you use just because you don't want to waste it would be okay one rare occasions.

If your dog spits up after eating the meal with the eggs, I would guess it should not have eggs again.

Think about what you will do if a dog has an allergic reaction to the eggs.The fees to visit a veterinarian for a dog with allergies could add up quickly. I really like the vet we use for pets, but I am not interested in paying him more than once or twice a year. If you make a habit of adding eggs or other things dogs just don't need, be sure you pet insurance is paid on time!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dogs For Sale!

Does the thought of someone selling a dog for profit irritate you? Do people who make a living out of breeding more dogs than the planet will ever be able to embrace make you wonder about the human race? You are not alone. Many of us would prefer that all such well intentioned ones had a clue.

How can such breeding be stopped? In some areas an effort to license the neighborhood a certain way has prompted breeders to move, but the breeding continues.

You may have heard individuals promoting the idea of stopping the breeding of dogs that are considered vicious. This has not helped, as no bill has been passed. Probably nothing will be passed to limit these breeders as the unwanted pet populations soars.

As private individuals what we can do is be sure we get any pet we want from a pet rescue, or a local shelter. Families often find the breed they are looking for at a seriously discounted fee. If you do get a dog or cat through one of these sources, it will have been spayed or neutered before you take possession, so you will be helping with population control.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Training older dogs.

What do you do when you have to train an adult dog? Many people think if you do not get a dog trained when it is a puppy, it will never be trained. Others disagree, feeling you really can train an old dog new tricks.

If you have ever had to do this, we would love to hear your method. We have done this and found we were following the same steps as we did with a puppy. Why would we do anything different?

Being sure a dog is house broken, or able to alert you to the fact it needs to go outside to potty, is a big step. Some breeds are more stubborn than others, but it can be done. You will need to have patience.

If you have an older dog that has suddenly been breaking the house rules, there may be a medical issue, and a veterinarian may need to be consulted. This may be a time when you should have pet insurance! If there is a medical issue it can get expensive.

If the dog is really resistant to outdoor training, you may have to start with a training pad. Many dogs will cooperate with these potty pads, and eventually be able to be fully trained outside.

Keep your dog well groomed and it's sleeping area clean. Always be sure it has clean water and fresh food!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adopting pets.

Adopting pets is not a new idea. However, there are now many groups involved in this worthwhile cause. If adopting a pet is something you are interested in, return to our blog for updates. We will be listing several places we are checking on to be sure their website, or pet adoption group is something we should mention.

The dogs in this picture have been placed. Their original owner has possession of these little guy's parents. One family took both puppies, so they will always be in the same home. When these dogs were adopted, they were taken to a veterinarian to be spayed by the new owner. The current owner believes in a holistic approach to pet care. If this is something you are interested in, use Google to search for veterinarians in your town who practice what you believe.

Grooming more than one pet can get expensive. Many owners at least some of the pet's grooming needs at home. If you are not sure about some things that need to be done for your pet it is possible to learn by watching videos online. I found several great videos on that convinced me we could cut down on the grooming costs by at least 50%. Yes, it is great to take the dogs for a professional fluff sometimes. However, if you want to save on expenses, give this some thought.

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