Monday, August 31, 2009

Healthy Dogs For Life

Is there really a way to keep a dog healthy for life? I'm not sure, but it does seem if we follow some easy steps we have a good chance of never having to use that pet insurance for anything serious.

Be sure to always give your dog plenty of clean drinking water. This is so important. It is easy for something like this to be overlooked if your days are hectic.

Foods for your dog should be filled with the right stuff. Check with your veterinarian if you think what I'm saying is wrong. Dogs should not be given food that contains meat by-products. What is a by-product anyway? Pieces and parts of slaughtered animals that can't otherwise be identified are ground into the dog food that is sold to millions of unsuspecting animal lovers. Other dog foods list corn as the first ingredient. Think twice about what you are buying. I think it would be great if pet foods were rated by number, with a large number posted on the front of the bag.

Be sure your pets are up to date on all shots. It can get to be expensive to do all that is suggested, but these shots are something the animals need to survive the world they are dealing with. Remember how much closer to the ground they are, and what they are walking through!

Keep you dog's teeth clean. Look on this blog for more information about this. Be sure your pet is groomed, and being kept pest free. You never know when a tick or flea could actually cause your pet to become ill.

Don't forget a good heartworm preventive. Are we done yet? Probably not, but that is all I'm going to include for now.

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  1. Very appropriate info on keeping your pet healthy. Not many people take the time or think about what is actually in their pet food. It's just as important to know what's in their food as in ours. Great job!!