Friday, July 31, 2009

Dogs and cats everywhere-how many are too many?

Dogs and cats deserve to have a living arrangement that is not harmful to them. Most people who are pet owners care for their cats and dogs in a way that will keep them healthy.

When dogs or cats are living in a home that has dozens of other animals, is the pet safe? Is the dog or cat even a pet at that point?

Some animal owners feel they are doing a service by taking in more animals than most would think is normal. Who should decide when dogs and cats are at risk? How do we determine when a neighborhood is overloaded with pets?

In some municipalities, there is a limit of one or two pets per home. By requiring each animal be licensed, a community will find it easy to determine who has too many animals according to the limits. What is done about a situation where someone owns more animals then the limit allows?

Every community is different. Because of the concern that animals must be cared for, some towns may look the other way unless someone complains. What, then, of the pets who are living in cramped and dirty spaces, and perhaps not receiving correct veterinarian attention? At what point should someone report what seems to be a bad situation? The animals are then removed to a pet rescue or animal shelter. What is next for the former pets, who are now up for grabs? Most would like to tell themselves that someone would open their home and provide space for these cats or dogs.

People who take too many animals don't usually have the intention of foolishly breeding pets for money. It turns out it is often a case of attempting to house the unwanted dogs and cats.

Is there an answer to this problem? If there is, I have not heard it expressed.

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