Saturday, August 29, 2009

Talking to the veterinarian.

When you have serious questions about your dog's health, you may find yourself searching the Internet. While there are many helpful sites that can answer some of the more common questions, serious issues should be brought to the attention of the veterinarian you usually use.

We wanted to know about pet care products we sometimes find in stores that are geared toward pets only. Which ones are recommended for keeping the dog's teeth clean? Which chewies should we avoid? Just because the store carries a product does not mean it is the first choice for your dog.

The veterinarian we use said no opinions without actually seeing the product. This just makes sense. We could not say for sure what was in several products we purchased.

When it comes to pet insurance, be sure to ask the veterinarian's staff which insurance is taken by that office. You can have the best insurance coverage in the world, but if the vet doesn't take it, what then?

Some publications state that a dog should have it's nails trimmed every month. We were told at the vet's office that every other month is okay for our dogs. The staff is actually familiar with our dogs, so they should know.

You might want to check with the veterinarian on a yearly basis to see if there is new information on any medication you use for your pets. What about new flea and tick prevention products?

Pets can't make the call, and they can't ask questions, so humans must!

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