Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dogs and neighbors.

Dogs are not appreciated by everyone. Many humans are not into pets of any kind. Then there are humans who love cats, or horses- anything but dogs.

People who are not into pets will not be amused by your story of what happened the last time your had your dog groomed. Nor will they care about the great deal you got on pet insurance.

When your dog becomes a nuisance to neighbors who don't like dogs, how will you handles it? We must remember our dogs should not wander into territory not ours. Of course we would not allow our pet to use the neighbor's lawn as their favorite bathroom spot. But, what else do dogs do that annoy others?

Dogs sometimes bark ten times more than they need to. It is great for a dog to bark to let us know someone is approaching. That's about the only time we probably welcome the noise. If a neighbor steps into their backyard to use their grill, your dog might think it's their time to cause a stir. To be fair, begin early to train your dog not to bark at such times. Keep your dog in the house if it interferes with the peace every chance it gets.

Dog lovers may think it is cute when their pet lets everyone within a mile know it hears a noise from the next yard. Even some neighbors who have dogs, and love their own dogs, may not appreciate the racket your dog creates when they open their back door to walk their dog.

We've may have seen cartoons about dogs borrowing a newspaper that was tossed to the neighbor's driveway. If you dog is that talented, I'm guessing the neighbor would not find it amusing.

Courtesy can be contagious, and dog lover's can benefit from being thoughtful of all neighbors. Even when it comes to dogs, we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

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