Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogs as senior citizens.

Dogs as senior citizens? How can that be! Because dogs age faster than humans, your dog may become a senior citizen before you do!

How will having a senior dog change your life? Will it matter to you that your dog is getting old right before your eyes?

Senior dogs have different needs than younger dogs. For instance, older dogs may need a different diet. Be sure to consult your dog's veterinarian before you make specific changes.

Before your dog becomes elderly, consider pet insurance needs. This may be something you should consider if you think you can't handle the expense of illness a dog may have, and medication an older dog may need.

Grooming your dog can become an issue also. For help creating a place in your home to groom your dog, read the post dated 04-06-09 titled Creating A Dog Grooming Station. The link is at the end of the post.

Medications to help your senior dog survive old age should be discussed with a vet, not purchased online without knowledge of side effects.

Be sure you are keeping up on dental care for your dog. A senior dog may need more than the dental care you do at home. Consider visiting the vet or a professional groomer every three months or so to help avoid problems with the dog's oral health.

As a dog ages, it may need help climbing into it's favorite chair. A small inexpensive stool can solve this problem.

What about odors the dog may have that you must deal with between grooming sessions? Products that are specific to this issue can be purchased in stores that exist to supply you with anything your pet needs.

Keeping your senior dog comfortable and happy may be a little complicated, but if your dog could, wouldn't it take care of your needs?

Creating A Dog Grooming Station

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