Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dogs: Nail trimming ideas.

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Dogs and cats need to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis, especially if they spend most of their time indoors. If you can't trim your pet's nails, you must have someone do it for you.

Groomers and veterinarians offer this service. If you groom your dog at home, you may feel this is one area you can't tackle. I am not saying it is easy, especially if you have a dog that wiggles while you work. Do you have pet insurance that covers trips to the vet's office several times a year? There is a chance that trimming of a pet's nails may be covered.

Some products we have seen look like something I want to avoid. I have had people tell me the battery operated clippers containing a rotating emery paper are noisy, but their pets do tolerate the trimmer. I did not want it because of the noise, and the battery issue.

To do the dog's nails, we have a clipper that has a guard to assure you that you do not cut a pet's nails too short. For a cat, I prefer a professional. I have not met a cat that will be still for nails to be trimmed.

There are also clippers that look similar to what is used in a professional nail salon. These are pricey, but I have seen them used in the vet's office for one or our dogs. They worked for the vet, so should work for us.

It doesn't matter which clippers you use. Like pet food, you have to make a choice, and do take care of your pet's needs.

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