Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting the fleas out of your house!

Your dog had fleas! Your cat had fleas! You handled that, and your pets are flea free. But, what about your house?

Some feel the best thing to do after a the flea circus has been banned from dogs is to treat the area with a anti-flea bomb. How will you know what will work until you try something?

Never having to deal with this problem, I can't tell you what will be the best for your situation. What I can tell you is, one of the reasons we might not have fleas in our home is that our pets are treated to prevent an infestation. Also, we do not have carpets because we have pets. I do understand that fleas and ticks are a common problem in whatever area I happen to travel to. I imagine it is just part of living on earth, and it happens to be that where animals, grass, or sand is part of the landscape, fleas and ticks will remain.

When deciding to use a preventive treatment for your pets, do so with caution. The intention is to protect the pet from the misery of being a host to uninvited guests. Keeping the house flea free will be easier if you follow some of these steps:

1) Bathe dogs before applying a preventive treatment.

2) Wash all of the dog's bedding, blankets, and towels the same day. This will at least give you a jump on anything not seen by you, but that is waiting to attack your clean pet.

3) If you have seen fleas in your home, use a flea bomb or whatever is recommended by your
pet's veterinarian or by a trusted employee at a pet supply store.

4) Brushing your pets daily will help you determine if something is living on your dog or cat.

A flea or tick concern is not new to anyone with cats or dogs. These pests can make our pets miserable, and cause serious illness. Do your best to keep fleas out of your house, and away from your furry companions.


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  1. Great article! Getting fleas out of the house is a real pain. Been there, done that. lol
    Hope your day is great!