Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finding a veterinarian while traveling.

A veterinarian may be a life saver for your dog or cat if you are traveling, and your pet becomes ill. When we travel with dogs, we bring all papers that pertain to the animals with us. This is very important. A veterinarian needs to know any health issues your dog or cat has been treated for. A vet also needs to know what your pet typically eats, and any preventive products you are using, including flea and tick products.

To find a veterinarian when you are in a town you are not familiar with, ask anyone you have contact with. This can be a person who works in a local pharmacy, or someone who works at the hotel where you are staying.

If you are using pet insurance, you should be able to call the insurance company you use for a name and phone number. Sometimes this in itself makes the fees for pet insurance worth the money.

Next, check the phone book. Don't be attracted to the biggest advertisement. Go with your instinct. All veterinarians who treat small animals have been trained for years to do just that. Some veterinarians will advertise that emergency visits are an option. Also, some veterinarians specialize in emergency treatment, and you will see this in the ad. Usually there will be a separate phone number for calls when the office is closed.

Still not comfortable with what you are finding? Call your pet's current veterinarian. He or she may have a suggestion for you. The important thing is that your find someone to treat your sick pet as fast as you can. Don't put treatment off until you return to your home territory if you feel something unusual is happening with your cat or dog. Especially when you are traveling, animals can come in contact with something they should not have, and thinking quickly can save a pet's life.

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