Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Choosing the best dog breed for a family.

Choosing a dog for your family can be fun or be stressful-it's up to you! To make a choice when picking a dog, decide how you will be able to care for a dog. Do you have room for the large dog you really want? What about a budget? Can you afford a large dog, or does your budget require you to skip having a pet for now?

Before you do anything, consider the fact that a living, breathing being may become a part of your life for 15 years or more. How will this work with the life you have now? If this thought scares you, don't add a dog or any other pet to your family.

If you choose a dog that is small, realize it may have it's own set of issues. Some small dogs tend to have illnesses and frailties larger dogs do not. However, smaller dogs cost less to feed, are easier to tend to, and may be the answer.

When choosing a dog, also consider the personality of certain breeds. Some professional breeders, trainers, and veterinarians will tell you to avoid high maintenance dogs if you have children at home. If you do choose a dog that is protective of you, and considers you to be it's master, it may continually bark and attempt to bite anyone who comes near you. Can you survive living with a dog like this.

Once you have decided which dog breed you want, decide where you will get your dog. There are many pet rescues that offer dogs of all breeds. Usually animal rescues have older dogs that have been trained. Getting an older dog allows you to enjoy your pet immediately without the burden of having to deal with house breaking your new friend.

Dogs are always available at local shelters. Think about the fact that you may save a dog's life by taking it into your home from a shelter. Shelters often have enough information about the dog you choose to make you comfortable with you decision.

Remember, you may want pet insurance for your dog. Consider a crate for training. What about bowls, food, a lead, toys-an appointment with a groomer, and a visit to the veterinarian. You'll be a little busy in the beginning.

No matter which dog breed you choose to bring into your family space, remember, a house is just a house without a pet.

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