Monday, July 13, 2009

Handling jealous dogs.

Jealous dogs can keep their owners busy. What causes a dog to become jealous, and demand more attention from it's human?

If you share your home with another human, or have other pets, you already know why your dog may be jealous. It won't take long for you to realize your dog needs more from you.

Jealous dogs behave in such a way as to let you know something is wrong. Some will bark continually, demanding extra attention now, not five minutes from now. Others will look they are sulking, and seem lethargic.

Jealous dogs can usually be soothed with some extra pats to the head. While you are talking with humans, pat the dog occasionally to assure it you are aware they are there. If you have more than one pet, you may need to have the jealous pet sit on your lap while you are giving attention to another pet.

Sometimes jealous pets can be trained to stop the disruptive behavior of dancing for attention, crying, or barking by keeping it busy. If the dog can get involved with a game of fetch, or be taken for separate walks, it may soon behave as if it has enough attention. There are always dogs that will want to be leader of the pack, demanding more attention from you. We would enjoy hearing comments on how others handle this.

Jealous dogs probably should not be scolded for such behavior. They have feelings they need to express, and without words, how would you know they need more of you? So, when you hear the familiar groan, see the dance, or low waging tail, consider giving extra brushings or other attention to satisfy the needs of the dog.

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  1. Great blog about jealous dogs. We have one of those. :o) We are working on getting him to lghten up. lol
    Hope your day is great! :o)