Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Does your dog get bored?

What does your dog do all day while home alone?

Do you think about what your dog is doing all day while home alone? Hmmm. You may wonder if the dog is missing you, watching the door, eagerly anticipating your return. Or, does the pooch just sleep until a human shows up?

You no doubt remember to leave plenty of water, and some food for your dog while you are gone, but what else could you do? Be sure your dogs toys are within reach, and not stuck under a piece of furniture. Okay, that was an easy one. What else?

Some people say they phone home and talk to the answering machine so the dog will hear their voice. They claim the dog moves around, barks, and has some activity it might not otherwise have. It's hard to say if a dog appreciates this from their human, because they can't blog!

Owners have gone as far as to leave a television on in the room the dog will mainly be in while the human is at work. Is this safe, or could it be a fire hazard? Other owners think a radio would be a cheaper, and safer idea to keep some noise in the house for the dog.

If you leave edible treats for your dog, you probably know they are the first thing the dog attacks once you leave the house. If you can get your dog in the habit of chewing hard toy bones that are made specifically for dogs who feel the need to chew, the dog may have something to do besides sleep.

However, as canines do like to snooze most of the day away even when their humans are around, don't feel guilty about not having an entertainment committee on hand while you are working to earn doggie treat dollars.

Ever thought about setting up a web cam of sorts to find out for sure what goes on while you are gone? That may be fun. What about snapping a picture of the dog's pile of toys before you leave one morning, and see what is different when you get home? You may be surprised to see your dog did actually have some fun alone.


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