Friday, May 29, 2009

Choosing a veterinarian for your dog.

How does one decide which veterinarian to use for their dog? What if you also have cats, or other pets that may need to see a veterinarian from time to time?

When you call a veterinarian for the first time, ask what the vet specializes in, such as-small animal care, or large animal care. A vet that works with horses or farm animals won't usually see small animals. Veterinarians who see small pets, such as your family dog, won't usually make house calls to help with a problem with your horses.

This does not mean the vet is not qualified-it is more of a preference. Like physicians who specialize in pediatrics, and therefore don't handle obstetrics, veterinarians sometimes specialize.

Also, consider the location of a veterinarians office when finding one to treat your dog or cat. If you have an emergency, you want to be able to get your dog or cat to the vet quickly. Having a vet two towns away will be very inconvenient.

Once you have taken a dog to the veterinarian's office, go with your intuition. If you feel the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and your pet seems calm, you may be in the right place. When a dog acts very unhappy to be in a place, remember, dogs and cats can hear and smell things you can't. Respect the intuition of your pet instead of your own.

Price, of course, is always a factor. If you feel you can get a better price elsewhere, why not ask the office about their rates, and see if you can get a better price? Especially if you a paying cash, rather than using a credit card, the office may agree. In these times of high unemployment and foreclosures, a discount may very well be in order. And-you won't know until you ask!

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