Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preventing Canine Obesity

How can you prevent canine obesity when everyone loves to feed treats to the family dog. No one is keeping track of who is doing this when, how many times a day, how much each time. Soon your little dog is dragging it's tummy on the ground.

Hmm. How did this happen?

Some think it's cute to see a fat dog. The truth about canine obesity is this: There really is nothing cute about something that will shorten a dog's life. If a fat dog does not die young, it will at least be unhealthy compared to a trim, well exercised dog. Determine to get your dog back on track to living a healthy life. How do you begin?

Check the food you are using. Is this the one recommended for the breed you own? Also, check to see that you are feeding the dog the amount of dog food and treats recommended. If you have an obese dog that is supposed to have 1 cup of dry food each day, and you are giving it just 10% more daily, expect it to gain weight on a regular basis.

What about the treats you buy? Ask your dog's veterinarian what type of treats are good, and how often it is okay to give the dog a treat: Once a day, or once an hour?

Exercise is important for your dog, and it is important for you. Don't allow the dog to miss it's daily walk, or it's chance to run outside each day. If you can't fit dog walking into your schedule, find someone in the neighborhood, or in your family to do it.

Exercise is especially important if your dog has been in a pet crate all day. It's funny how people who have overweight dogs are sometimes themselves dealing with weight issues.

For the health of your pet, for the life of your pet, give your dog's health serious thought. If your dog is obese, fat, pudgy, deal with it now.

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