Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping our Pets Pest Free

How do we keep out cats and dogs free of fleas and other pests? What are the best products to use, and how should we go about this?

There are many products available for purchase without having to go to a veterinarian, and many are also available on line. However, first, it probably is best to talk to a veterinarian. You want to do what is best for your furry friend, and there are some things you may need to know. For instance: You can't use the same treatment on a cat that you use for your dog. Also, there are products you might be able to use on a dog if you don't have a cat in your house. If you also have a cat in your house, the products you use for your dogs will have to be different.

Flea collars are something most of us have used over the years. With the introduction of topical products that may keep our pets pest free with just a once a month application, many of us choose this. If your pet is outside in grassy areas you know could be filled with fleas and possibly ticks, be sure your veterinarian takes this into consideration.

Because you use a product on your pets to help eliminate fleas and ticks, don't feel you will never find something on your pet you were not expecting. Ticks in particular we have found are always trying to hitch a ride. Check you pet daily for any offenders. A thorough brushing every day will usually let you see if there is anything to be concerned about.

Be sure to continue bathing your dog on a regular basis with a product suggested by a veterinarian who knows what other products and medications your dog or cat is taking. This can help with your effort to keep your pet pest free, while avoiding unnecessary health concerns.

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