Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pet supplies for less online?

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Can we really save money buying pet supplies online? Many feel dog and cat supplies are too expensive to purchase anywhere other than online.Others argue that grooming tools and pet food are cheaper in discount stores. Where do you shop?

We won't list sites because there are advertisers who may take offense-but we will say this: Initially you may be able to save some money. Some sites offer a discount on first time purchases. Eventually you may feel other than the specials a site offers there are no deals to be had.

Stores that exist to supply you with what your dog or cat needs to remain pest free want your business.They also cater to your pet food wants, have great pet toys, pet crates and most anything you can think of. You may be able to get a price match if you bring in an ad you find online. Such stores usually have coupons on their site as well.

One we like (Pet Supermarket) includes a $5.00 coupon every month with their online newsletter. This can be used only if you spend $20.00. If you have more than one pet it would be easy to spend this amount at least every other month. This chain also tracks your purchases and gives you a free bag of pet food once you have bought 13. Seems like no big deal to some-but here is our break down:

After 13 months: I rec'd coupon for one bag  of dog food:  $10.67
Used 7 coupons worth $5.00 each:                                     35.00

A total savings on something we would purchase
even if we did not have the coupons:                                   45.67

So the savings of $45.67 in 13 months may not seem like much but it is about equal to a tank of gas! Do that with everything you buy (food, car insurance) on a yearly basis and we are talking about a decent savings.

This does not mean pet supplies are offered for a better price in one particular store. You really have to check sales ads and know who to ask. We have found some items discounted that were not worth having. Wherever you choose to shop you want quality for your money. Your pets are worth it!

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  1. Hi,Excellent post. With 4 dogs, 3 cats, bunnies etc... it is always great to find new ways to save a few dollars. Thank you!

  2. Great Post. Planning to buy 2 puppies for my sister as her birthday gift.

    Pet supplies for less