Monday, September 14, 2009

Dogs For Sale!

Does the thought of someone selling a dog for profit irritate you? Do people who make a living out of breeding more dogs than the planet will ever be able to embrace make you wonder about the human race? You are not alone. Many of us would prefer that all such well intentioned ones had a clue.

How can such breeding be stopped? In some areas an effort to license the neighborhood a certain way has prompted breeders to move, but the breeding continues.

You may have heard individuals promoting the idea of stopping the breeding of dogs that are considered vicious. This has not helped, as no bill has been passed. Probably nothing will be passed to limit these breeders as the unwanted pet populations soars.

As private individuals what we can do is be sure we get any pet we want from a pet rescue, or a local shelter. Families often find the breed they are looking for at a seriously discounted fee. If you do get a dog or cat through one of these sources, it will have been spayed or neutered before you take possession, so you will be helping with population control.

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