Thursday, September 17, 2009

Choosing a Groomer

 Everyone has an opinion on how to choose a groomer, and this is mine.

Preferring to do as much grooming as we can ourselves, we do not frequent the local groomers. When we do want to skip all that is involved with keeping a dog neat and tidy, we want the best at a good price.

Checking your local phone book may seem a likely place to start. After noticing 200 or more listings, you may change your mind. However, the phone book also offers coupon. Check for these, and see if this helps you decide on a groomer in the area.

As the veterinarian you usually use which groomer you might use. Sometimes the office staff may have a preference. In some areas you may find a groomer working in the vet's office. This does not mean you are getting the best groomer.

Check you pet's insurance. If you have pet insurance that covers this be sure you use a vet that complies with the insurance. Will you get the correct receipt or paperwork you need for your insurance to pay.

Speak to employees of pet stores, and pet supply stores. Everyone has an opinion, but you may find the best choice through such a referral.

If you are in an area that has a groomer training school you may get a great deal. Remember, if someone makes a mistake on your dog's hair style, it will grow back. And most of us have paid plenty in the past and gotten exactly what we did not ask for, so it might not be a new experience for you.

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