Monday, April 6, 2009

Creating A Dog Grooming Station

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Creating A Dog Grooming Station

If you are currently reaching over the family bathtub to bathe your pet, think about making your life a little simpler. With a reasonable amount of money, and some expertise, you may be able to have a pet grooming station in your home.

You will need a money, a laundry tub, a plumber, or handy family member.

Determine where you have space to locate a laundry tub. This can be near the plumbing in your laundry room, bathroom, or any other part of the house. It does not have to be in the same room; It can be on the other side of the wall where plumbing exists in a wall, so that a plumber can tap into the existing pipes. This gives the option of installing a pet grooming station outside the house if needed.

See Lowe's for a good deal on a laundry tub with cabinet. Purchase the laundry tub you have room for. Lowe's has several that start around $100. A simple laundry tub works great to begin building your pet grooming station. This might not be as high class as the one your favorite groomer has, but will be all you need at home. The one we used included the cabinet, and the spay faucet, which you will want.

A plumber, or handy family member, will tap into the existing plumbing, connecting the laundry tub you purchased to the water supply. This can be quite easy, or very complicated, depending on the structure of your home. We have been able to accomplish this easily in several homes.

Your pet grooming station can be as simple, or glamorous, as you prefer. Once you have your laundry tub installed, find a used table to place near the laundry tub. Your pet grooming station can be as simple, or glamorous, as you prefer. Place a hamper for the dog's towels near your tub. Keep grooming tools and shampoo in the cabinet. Think about purchasing a hair dryer just for the dog. These are easy yard sale finds.

Choose pet grooming tools from online sources, or at your favorite pet supply store. You do not need to buy professional dog grooming supplies, because you are not a groomer. Inexpensive tools should last several years if you only have one or two dogs. See resources below.

You are ready to groom your pet at home. No, you won't be ready to open a pet grooming business, but you will be able to save a few dollars each year doing some of your pet's grooming. Also, you have the convenience of rinsing or completely grooming your dog as you see fit-not when you can get an appointment.

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