Thursday, March 12, 2009

Traveling With Family Dogs.

Traveling with dogs can be more challenging than traveling with small children. This information may help make your travels more pleasant, for you and for Fido!

When traveling for several hours with your pet, a crate is strongly suggested for safety. Also, you will want a few chew toys, food, and water. Don’t forget the dog’s lead, blanket, and other comfort items.

If you will travel a considerable distance with your dog, for the sake of your pet, make sure all shots are up to date, and have your dog’s license and microchip information on the dog's collar. Pack any medications your dog takes. Ask your vet if the pet should be given a sedative before the trip. Be sure you have copies of all records that may be useful should your pet become ill.

Place a crate that your dog is familiar with on the back seat of your vehicle. Be sure to strap the crate to the seat. The crate should contain blankets, and some chew toys. Your pet can be allowed to go in and out of the crate when you feel it is safe. If your pet likes to roam the vehicle, closing the crate door is the better choice.

Many dogs are into the routine of being alone for several hours each day. The experience of having your company during these hours may cause your dog to be overexcited. This is one reason sedatives may be needed. Plan time for a stop about every 3 hours, allowing dogs to stretch and walk for a few minutes. Be sure to offer water at these stops, even if it was available to the pet while in your vehicle. You may want to limit feedings, as some dogs get motion sickness.

We keep a lead connected to dogs when traveling, so that in the event of an emergency, such as a fender bender, we can retrieve the dogs quickly. If your car door were to be open for a split second, a panicked dog could run into an area you are not familiar with, and the attached lead could help. Also, we carry pictures of the dogs with us, so that if something does happen, you can show people what the pooch looks like.

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