Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Pick a Dog for Your Family

Having a family pet may be very important for the health and happiness of humans who have them. Making the choice to add another mouth to feed, and another living thing that will need care is a big one. Proceed with as much caution as love. If you think a dog is sense

Consider making a list of what you expect from a pet. Are you looking for companionship? Are you looking to be entertained by a pet? Do you expect a dog to fill a void in your life, or that of a family member? Do you enjoy cleaning up messes? How about getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to walk the dog?

Talk to at least one local veterinarian. A vet can give you many ideas on what to look for in a pet. Also, a vet can help you realize if you are being realistic about your choice. A trip to a vet several times a year may not be in your budget.

Choose a dog food that will keep your dog happy. Discuss all needs of the pet you can think of with anyone who will help you. How much will it cost to feed a pet? Which food is best? Does your roommate agree to walk the dog every day at lunch break? Do any kids in the house agree to feed the dog each day at a set time? A pet is a living, breathing creature that needs full time assistance. They can't open the door, fill their water bowl, express an illness.

Think: A pet for a companion may seem a wonderful idea-yet we must remember they could need us for 15 years.

Pets can be very expensive. Research on line which ones have less illnesses, and less medical needs as they age.

Taking the time to research these issues will give you a much better idea of the pet that is best for you, and your household.

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