Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting More Exercise

Exercise is not for everyone. Or, is it? There are some easy things most of us can do to add some beneficial steps to our day.

If you have the ability to walk, everyday you move from one area to another. Walking to your car from your house in the morning may be the first time you can add some steps, therefore exercise, to your day. Think about parking your car just 10 feet away from the spot you usually use. When you arrive at your first destination, again park just a few feet away from your usual choice.
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When running errands during the day, or after work, keep this idea in mind. When you do banking, rather than using the window-which just consumes more gas, go inside! Not only the extra steps are good for you, the conversations you may have inside may be of benefit.

If you do not have the memory to keep a plan, write down a list of places where you can add more steps. In most cases, keeping the list in your car is the best idea. Share your intentions with others you know will be supportive.

One easy way to add exercise is to walk for ten minutes or more inside the grocery store, or big box store, before you actually begin your shopping. Determine not to stop, and actually walk as many aisles as you can in a few minutes. If there are 5,280 feet in a mile, perhaps you could walk twice that many steps in your favorite climate controlled stores.

If you have small children in your home, walking with them in the house or in the yard can be an enjoyable way to add steps. If you are near a beach or park, make a commitment to yourself and your family to set a few hours every week to walk there. Include as many family members as you can. Some find walking around the outside of their house a few times a day just to 'check out' the territory to be an easy way to add some steps. It is thought by many adding a few steps daily will add years to our lives. Do you have a reason to live longer?

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement to exercise more - we all need it!