Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Add Healthy Food to Your Menu

Have you ever thought about salsa as a health food? Read the labels of several salsa jars, and you will see most contain merely vegetables! Some consider tomatoes to be a fruit, so maybe the most popular salsas are made with fruits, (tomatoes) and veggies.

Wondering how to enjoy salsa without eating 500 calories worth of chips? Try dipping celery, and other vegetables you like in the salsa. Salsa can also be used on chicken instead of adding BBQ sauce, which is often full of sugar.

Salsa is a nice side with salads instead of using fat and sugar filled dressings.

Try it! You might like it.

Cooked tomatoes have been credited with the ability to reduce inflammation. The medical community feels inflammation may be linked to heart disease, and many other disorders.

Not a big fan of salsa? What about tomato sauce? If you like spaghetti, or other pasta dishes with tomato sauce, you are off to a healthy start without much effort. Amazing how food can be our medicine.

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